For a Burkina Faso
100% solar!

Project for a training center
for solar technology in Bama 

named  "Solar competence"
Production of
  • Solar Lighting

  • Pumps for water tanks

  • Solar ovens, parabolic cooker, solar dryers, hot water collectors and efficient wood stoves (foyers améliorés)

Solar center near Bama (planned)

the locations of our partners are indicated in orange  (click for extended view)

Each house's airy design is adapted to the local climate.



Current and past projects

Progress in the following five areas targeted by notre soleil suisseis essential for better living conditions and sustained economic development. In all 5 areas, solar technology offers sustainable solutions.

  1. Local access to good quality drinking water ► solar water pumps

  2. Primary health care (health centers, maternity wards) ► Lighting, water heaters, refrigerators

  3. Energy for cooking, water heating and food preservation ► Parabolic cookers, solar ovens, water heaters, dryers for families and communities

  4. Improved training and education opportunities ► solar lighting (schools, teacher accommodation)

  5. Improving private and collective communication ► Solar power for radio and television as well as for mobile phones, see also energy kiosks

A parabolic cooker

A mobile phone charging station in a solar kiosk’s kitchen area

Solar Energy Kiosks

Made for remote villages, the kiosks are bistros offering food (the kitchen also features a freezer), a mobile phone charging stations, and a TV set for public viewing. They are run by a “grand maire solaire” and have an important social in encouraging social contacts


Workshops with groups of women learning to cook with a solar oven, «Papillon» parabolic cookers and «Foyers améliorés» (improved wood stoves); here in the courtyard of Fatoumata Traoré

Women community gardens with solar pumps («forages»). Irrigation makes it possible to grow vegetables and thus generate income all year round. Image: Initiant Fatoumata Traoré at the fence of the Rehobot school garden

The Emmaus school building with freshly planted trees

Workshop for portable “foyers améliorés” in the courtyard of Fatoumata Traore

The orphanage Le Nid now benefits from solar lighting

Solar kiosk in Songo2
Literacy course for young people

Lighting for social institutions such as churches, schools, outpatient clinics, orphanages- Solar lighting in the church of Dinderesso

Elisabeth Bado, President of the Widows' Association, in a bissap field, ready to inspect newly planted trees

Two bissap flowers for tea or syrup production

The widows' association takes care of its Zebu herd; the dung will go to a biogas plant

 Various vocational training courses are offered to inmates of the juvenile prison

Solar installation in the Catholic center of Kouentou, installed by Solafrique (2016)

Water transport for the Emmaus local school in Bobo-Dioulasso

Drilling for a solar water pump in the Guénon school garden

The school garden at the Guenon Lyceum gets a solar pump

Pupils at the Guénon Lyceum give a nurse homemade soap to support mothers in the maternity hospital

The Guénon Maternity Hospital and Outpatient Clinic (CSPS) have been given solar lighting

Biscuit production in Mrs. Veronique Somé’s solar oven

Mr. Asso demonstrating the use of a solar furnace in Koudougou

Workshop for building wood solar ovens for the woman members of Notre Soleil

Visit to the godchildren