For a Burkina Faso
100% solar!

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in «notre soleil suisse»

The association is committed to the promotion of solar energy in Burkina Faso (West Africa) with the goals of slowing down deforestation, creating local jobs, promoting the education of children and adults, and easing the daily life of women, especially in rural areas.
Information about the association is available here at
We will also be happy to send you a paper documentation
(write to the president Franziska Heusser).

The annual membership fee is CHF 45 (students and social aid recipients: CHF 20)

Postal account:

notresoleilsuisse, 8000 Zurich, 61-419994-4 (IBAN  CH6109000000614199944)

Postal address
notresoleilsuisse, c/o
Franziska Heusser
Hochstr. 68
8044 Zurich

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